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The first week of class consisted of a variety of discussions around which new form of emerging media (web sites, video ads, widgets, RSS feeds, podcasting, banner ads, short films, blogs & vlogs, chat rooms, blue tooth, in-game advertising, social networking) we found to be the most effective and the least effective.

I selected podcasts as the most effective and emerging for several reasons, including but not limited to the following benefits:

1.) Reach
2.) Accessibility
3.) Learning
4.) Utilization
5.) Employee Engagement
6.) Leverage
7.) Cost Efficient

In addition to podcasts, I am an advocate for blogs—both internally for employees and externally for consumers.

A lot of companies worry that a blog will create negative PR, but according to the Ragan Communications article, “Can Negative Blog Comments Be Good PR?” even the angriest consumer can be an asset to the company.

If people are going to take issue with you—and some are—they’re going to do it whether or not you have a social media site (Sebastian).

“You’ve got to acknowledge that there are people who will post negative comments and take issue with what you’ve done—that’s the conversation,” explained social media consultant Shel Holtz. “Nobody in the world is so na├»ve to think that 100 percent are happy about your company 100 percent of the time.” With that said, a blog lets dissatisfied consumers complain on the company’s own turf and allows communicators to engage in the conversation.

Monitoring negative comments on your own Web site is good. Shel Holtz tells us why:

  • You’re finding out exactly what people think about your company or client.
  • You’re able to aggregate what everyone is thinking and respond to it on your own terms in your own house.
Corporate blogs are not as intimidating as they can appear to the CEO. Personally, I think it is an honest and open way for companies to gather feedback on both what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. It shows their willingness to listen to their consumers and their dedication to proactively addressing issues as they arise. Kudos to companies, such as Southwest Airlines, for embracing and welcoming this new medium of social media.


Sebastian, Michael. “Can Negative Blog Comments Be Good PR?” Ragan Communications. 14 July 2008. View the entire article here.

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