Where are your employees getting their information?

Check out this video clip about the importance of internal communications (Ragan Communicatons)

“Without effective internal communications, the crisis of confidence in businesses and corporate leadership could hurt sincere efforts to build a positive corporate culture and to enhance employee morale and productivity, and devastate the overall image of an organization.” ~David Brown, CEO of Sawchuk Brown Associates, an Albany public relations/public affairs firm~

The importance of an internal communications program can not be understated, especially amid periods of corporate upheavals, such as what the nation has witnessed within the past year.

There is never a good time to uniform of misinform employees, but internal communications are especially important now. As Brown explained, a good internal communications program not only affects organizational and operational success, but it has a considerable impact on external functions such as marketing, community and government relations, and investor relations.


Brown, David. “Internal communications should be of vital importance to any business.” The Business Review. 16 Aug 2002. here

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